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Blended Learning Adult high school Milwa


 Now Open Enrollment 

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                                               Learn on your time and at your own pace.

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                                        Ready to take the next step?

                                           Why should you choose Destined To Succeed Institute?


Destined To Succeed Institute Adult High School Program is a unique online adult high school that offers students' the opportunity to take online high school courses anytime and at their own pace. 

 All programs are flexible and completed entirely online.

The first thing you need to know is to earn a state-recognized, accredited high school diploma, students must complete the required courses, meeting state graduation requirements. That’s where Destined To Succeed Institute can help!

100% Online High School Courses
100% Accepted by Colleges & Employers (Guaranteed)
Completely Self-Paced Program 
Finish High School Fast! (with credit transfer and credit repair)

Destined To Succeed Institute interactive high school diploma curriculum is a total of 21 credits. Mastery based courses give students control over their learning.

Mastery tests can remove a level of test anxiety often seen in this population. 24/7 access to allow students to do schoolwork at a time that works for them. All students are given their graduation advisor as their one point of contact at Destined To Succeed Institute after enrollment. This allows students to develop a level of comfort speaking to one person.

 The timeline for completion allows students to finish in a manageable timeframe. We offer Career resources including Mock Interviewing opportunities and much more.

Students receive an accredited high school diploma. Students can enroll in as many courses that they want in order to finish the high school program. Along with formal graduation that is included in the tuition. Students are responsible to purchase their caps and gowns.

We have licensed, passionate, and dedicated teachers powered by K-12. Teachers and tutors are available to you during specified business hours.

 8:00am to 10:00pm

                                                    Your Diploma is closer than you think!

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                                     Admission Qualifications & Process

Adult Learners must be 18 or older to be apart of this program. You will be required to register with the Adult High School Diploma Program. Education Director will send for your transcripts. All students have an orientation with the Education Director and will be given a student ID, and student email address, and access to their blackboard account. There are no books required for the Destined To Succeed Institute Adult High School Diploma Program.                                                        

                       Destined To Succeed Institute  Adult High Shcool Diploma

                                                                 Program Highlights 

You will receive a High School Diploma /Credits and Transcripts)

$ 150.00 per month. 

All classes are online.

•Students must be 18 or older

•Mastery based curriculum with the ability to be configured to fit the program needs

•Accreditation – Cognia and Middle States

•Courses are streamlined with only auto-graded assignments.

•Students select a career field to fulfill their elective requirements.

•Students are paced to complete two half-credit courses per month. Additional courses may be added, but no more than 4 courses can be opened in a month.

•Graduation Advisor assigned to students as their point of contact for support and guidance. GA will communicate with students monthly and more often as needed.

•Teacher Link support will be available for academic questions.

•Anticipated completion time is based on transfer credits (minimum 5 months, maximum 18-21 months).

If you are interested in going to college, all adult learners in the Adult High School Diploma Program must have completed 21 credits and may qualify for the Financial Scholarship that will help to purser further college education.  

Please call our office at  (414) 431-3414 to determine if this program will work best for your needs. We are always here to support you every step of the way.

Adult Learners seeking to earn a high school diploma must complete all program credit requirements before diplomas are issued. Transcripts are issued upon completion of all credits, and tuition must be paid in full.

                                     REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE DESTINED TO SUCCEED!

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