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Learn. Share. Change the World.

Dr. Shawna Whitehead-Starks the Founder, CEO, Author, and Motivational Speaker for Destined To Succeed Institute Wisconsin. Destined to Succeed Institute was established in June of 2017. Destined to succeed Institute have partnered up with several companies, organizations, and colleges here in the state of Wisconsin. We have worked closely with Product Managers, Senior Human Resources Directors, Childcare Centers, and Educational Facilities to help develop a great cultural diversity certification training.

    Dr. Whitehead-Starks obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology with a Minor in human resource management. Seeking more knowledge, Dr. Shawna Whitehead- Starks pursued a master’s degree from Concordia University in Organizational Leadership, Administration in Human Resource Management. Dr. Shawna received a Master’s degree from Concordia University in December of 2016. Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks majored in Islamic Studies from the University of Chicago School of Divinity obtaining her Ph.D. in June of 2020. 

   Dr. Shawna Whitehead-Starks has trained for the past ten years in cultural diversity awareness to ensure that everyone is treated the same way no matter what their age, gender, or beliefs. We ensure the health and safety for all employees and attendees. Dr. Shawna Whitehead-Starks has worked in the education of children for the past 25 years. I have trained over 3,500 individuals in diversity and employee relations, consulted with 125 business owners to increase productivity. I have assisted over 1500 felons thru my It Takes A Village Foundation Re-Entry Program. These are people re-entering back into society, our training programs helps them gain employment.

 I am proud to say since 2019 I have helped opened 53 new businesses in Wisconsin and other surrounding states. I was featured in the Shepherd Express in November 2019 as Hero of the Week. I received several awards for Outstanding Leadership and The Future Successful Entrepreneurial Award.

     As of April 2020 Dr. Shawna Whitehead- Starks, and  Co-Founder Sondaya Weddle have written a book together. A Successful Way To Entrepreneurship and Obtaining Wealth. This has been become a #1 seller, throughout the United States. We have many colleges such as Iowa University, Arizona State University, and many entrepreneurial programs have bought their book to help facilitate programs within their institutions. The booklet continues to fly off our shelves as more people hear of it. 

    In June of 2020 Founder and Co-Founder Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks, and daughter Sondaya Weddle have launched a new Re-Entry Program. We named it as It Takes A Village Foundation Re-Entry Program as our way of making a change in our community happens. As of today, we have graduated over 20 people from The It Takes A Village Re-Entry Program. Most attendees have gainfully received employment thru our Destined To Succeed Employment Assistant Agency. I am proud to say all of our hard work has paid off, and we will be launching The It Takes A Village Re-Entry Programs in uncharted waters of Racine, Wisconsin. As of October 19, 2020, It Takes a Village Foundation Re-Entry Program will be starting in Racine, WI.

    In June 2020 Victorious Women Magazine has featured and congratulated Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks and daughter Sondaya Weddle as Founders and Co-Founders of 5 new businesses. We continue to travel throughout the United States committing to business seminars platforms. Our book A Successful Way to Entrepreneurship and Obtaining Wealth Business Seminars. Our motto is helping others to walk into their purpose. 

   Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks Owns and runs her very own Podcast Gospel Radio. Walking In Your Destiny Christian Talk Show and WIYD Studios and Internet Radio Station. WIYD will soon broadcast 24 hours a day. Dr. Shawna have been on many radio and podcast shows helping others to understand the importance of being or becoming an entrepreneur and obtaining wealth without being in debt. 

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Entrepreneurs, Authors, Motivational Speakers. This mother and daughter successful entrepreneurial duo team, would love to speak at your next event or your seminar. Fill out the form below. 

You can contact us via email:

Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks:

Sondaya Weddle:

4429 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53216

Phone: 414-431-3414

Fax: 414-444-4810

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Destined to Succeed Institute was established in June 2017 by Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks who is the Founder and CEO of Destined to Succeed Institute. Destined  to Succeed Institute has had  the opportunity to partner up with many companies and organizations and colleges here in the State of Wisconsin. We have helped train and develop their employees. 
Destined to Succeed Institute have trained and graduated over 3,000 justice involved individuals, as they have re-entered back into society.
Destined to Succeed Institute has help open over 53 business last year in 2019 and have open 10 businesses in 2020 so far.  We continue to travel around the United States offering those future entrepreneurs our business seminar. 
Destined To Succeed Institute has an amazing K-12th grade blended learning program, and a Adult High School Diploma Program for adult learners powered by K-12, that caters to the learner's.  We also have an excellent entrepreneur program, and amazing job readiness certification programs. We also provided recruitment services and job placements services.  We also have an  It Takes A Village Foundation Re- Entry Program for those individuals who are entering back into society. We believe here at Destined To Succeed Institute,

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