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Of Satisfied Customers


Destined To Succeed Institute has just helped Shirleen open up her Transportation Company, and she completed her Cultural Diversity, Corporate Etiquette and Customer Service Certifications. Congratulations!

Shirleen Williams

Alisha Collins.jpg

So proud of Alisha, she has completed  Cultural Diversity, Corporate Etiquette and Customer Service Certifications, and Skills to Pay the Bills.

Alisha Collins

Video Testimony

      With Mrs. Wansheba Lawal about the wonderful experience she had taking the Certification classes her at Destined To Succeed Institute, and how she really enjoyed the new book that was written by Ms. Sondaya Weddle and Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks.


With Ms. Sheena Johnson, new business owner of Divine Excellence Transportation LLC. Destined to Succeed Institute is so proud of this young lady, and we were so honored to help her walk in to her destiny. Dreams really do come true.

customer book testimony.jpg

Book Testimonial

A satisfied customer who purchased and read our book. Head over to our shop to buy yours today.

Satisfied New Business Owners


Destined To Succeed Institute has just helped Brian and Delvin Brokey open up there rooming home. Congratulations!

Brokey Rooming House


"Thanking God and giving a great big shout out to Dr. Shawna Whitehead Starks and Destined to Succeed for helping me bring my vision to life! Because of her help Fit For The Kingdom is now a reality!"

Rochelle Marie

Video Testimony

Video testimony from Rochelle Parker. Another satisfied customer that we help open their business.

So proud of this young lady opening up her first rooming house BXP Rooming Homes LLC. This is just the beginning of many more to come.

Testimonial from Students our Certification Classes

Refreshing !Motivational ! Inspirational!

Stimulating! Educational! Let me stop I can go on and on about your

Program. Whenever staff come aboard they will be Trained by your

You and the Program. Certainly God hand is on you and you are going someplace great because you have a heart for people and the community. We love you. 

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